21 June 2007

Not a huge amount has happened these last few days. I've been desperately working on my dayjob so that I get paid for this project sooner rather than later (the festivals have meant that I'm nearly two weeks behind schedule as they've eaten up all my time).

I'm getting there and hope to have the project in for beta testing at end of play tomorrow so next week is a bit easier :)

Festival Catering-wise, well we had a branding presentation on Monday and the stuff they've come up with is amazing. I can't show you because we need to copyright the design but suffice to say that everyone who's seen it has been really impressed!

Now all we need is some chefs *rolls eyes*

Yesterday I watched the Euro U21 Championship's semi-final between England and Holland. I say watched, I kinda kept an eye on it while Jen entertained me. It ended up with a win to Holland, but only after extra time and the longest penalty shoot-out I've ever seen. 13-12 it was, with several missed on both sides. Both goalkeepers scored though :)

I don't think the senior England side has scored 12 penalties in shoot-outs in total ;)


At 22 June 2007 at 22:46, Blogger weenie said...

Penalties...the bane of English football!


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