13 June 2007

Weeeeeee! Another goodish day :)

Did quite a lot of work (could always do more though) and am finally making progress, which means hopefully I should get paid this month.

Festival stuff descended into farce briefly but picked up (in fact, I've just got back from a meeting). Plenty of steam was released and we all feel a bit happier. A word of warning, never go into business with someone who thinks a local pub is the ideal place to have a frank discussion about profit margins and sandwich fillings :-P

Even Jen popped up today unexpectedly in Hong Kong, raping a free internet connection in her hostel, so that was nice!

And now I'm going to make homemade veggie burgers and potato wedges to continue my disgustingly healthy kick. I think I'll be back on the beer by the weekend - my brain is not designed to think too much, otherwise it wanders onto deeply important things like why did ancient man start drinking milk if he/she was lactose intolerant at the time? Or how is it fair that one person can get gold medals for 8 different swimming events but a probably better athlete can only get 4 on the track at most, and most runners only do one event? Why are there four swimming disciplines - and if so, why do we not have 100m hop, 100m skip and 100m crawl on hands and knees events? Or even, seeing that the correlation between feeling safe and driving dangerously has been repeatedly proved, why don't Volvo drivers have a big spike welded onto the steering wheel? That'd stop the buggers hitting parked cars.

God, I need a drink.....


At 13 June 2007 at 22:00, Blogger weenie said...

Hi, thanks for the birthday wishes and thanks for linking my blog.

I'll return the favour as we may have some things in common, eg my best mate is a contractor in the IT industry and I know various people in Hong Kong too! :-)

At 13 June 2007 at 23:16, Blogger Red Squirrel said...

Hong Kong is great! I have a few friends you work out here.

I went to 7's last year - the pics are somewhere on here. March 06 I guess :)

At 14 June 2007 at 08:18, Blogger weenie said...

Ooh a rugby fan! My friends played in the first ever women's 7s game in HK, back in 1997 - I missed their debut! :-( Last went to HK in 2005, not sure if I'm going this year or not, finances are a bit tight!

At 14 June 2007 at 11:06, Blogger Red Squirrel said...

I'm definitely going to 7's next year - that weekend is so much fun :)

Plus the new low-cost airline is something ridiculous like £200 return!

No excuses ;)

At 15 June 2007 at 12:33, Blogger weenie said...

£200 return? Wow, a bargain! That will be from London though? Might arrange to take a train down, stop at my sister's and fly out from there. Hmm...maybe I will get a holiday out there after all!

At 15 June 2007 at 13:27, Blogger Red Squirrel said...

Yeah, from Gatwick I think. They're called Oasis and you need to book well in advance :)

Have a great night out on saturday - I look forward to reading all about it ;P


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