17 June 2007

Sigh. More work today. :(

I have to present my work for testing tomorrow morning in London and it's nowhere near finished. Oh well! :)

Friday night I headed into London and had my first drink for ten days as my sister, cousin and uncle were all at my Dad's and we had a good catch up. Hmmm, it appears a hangover is limited if you're sober for a while between sessions. Lesson duly noted :-P

I got back to Bristol mid-afternoon yesterday for another festival meeting. It looks like progress is being made finally and by the end of next week the boring slogging should be mainly over. Fingers crossed anyway.

And today I've just worked while keeping an eye on the cricket and having very brief chats on line when people bother to sit in front of their computers *rolls eyes*

6am start tomorrow. I'm going to be in a BAD mood all day, I can tell. Mornings should happen to other people.


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