07 February 2007

Bit of a delay to this week due to the other two participants in the WLC being, well, girly and refusing to weigh themselves because they thought they'd gained weight. As it turns out they both stayed the same (*cough*, *bollocks*, *cough*) and I gained a pound. Bugger. Graph at the bottom as usual!

After quite a good weekend (apart from Sunday, Sunday was shit and has been blanked for all eternity - and it has very little to do with losing to Manure) I then twisted a muscle in my back on Monday morning and was in agony all day. But I soldiered through and went to London in the evening with my mate F to see this young lady:
Yes, *rolls eyes* yet another person met through a football forum! :)

I was only playing wingman though as F was very interested but didn't want it to feel like a date.

It didn't :) Was a fun night though, even if I got back at 1:30am :-O

Yesterday I took it easy because I wanted to make football on Thursday (which was then cancelled this morning *shakes fist at sky*) and tonight I'm off to Hemel to see a couple of old mates who are cooking for me while we watch England be utter, utter shite against Spain. Happy days! :)

Updated WLC graph:

Week 3 - gained a bit. Arseholes!


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