24 November 2006

Well, for once, the fortune sun shines on me! Last night I totally forgot that there was a scheduled power outage at 6pm in the office as I was too busy sorting out how to watch the spurs match online (yes, I know) - so rather than me shutting them all down nicely the lights went out and the servers came crashing down.

And it was so dark I couldn't get out of the office so the battery backup ran out and everything went 'plink'.

The power back on at 7 so at least I could watch the Spurs match :)

This morning I got in early and managed to start all the servers without a problem, and because I 'worked' late I can go home at midday.

Go me! :)


At 24 November 2006 at 20:08, Blogger Charby said...


At 29 November 2006 at 10:32, Blogger Adem said...

It's always nice when things work out for the best, even though it wasn't how you intended it to go.

Somehow things always workout (usually).


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