16 October 2006

Well what an eventful weekend!

Friday was spent having a couple of beers with Q to help cheer him up and then a relatively early night for me as none of the regular forummers were at home for once and the only thing keeping me awake was a text-war with a *ahem* friend.

Saturday was amazingly productive because I didn't have a hangover so I spring cleaned, got a haircut, went shopping - all the usual boring bollocks. Then in the evening I'd agreed to go for another drink with Q as he wanted to go on the pull (and I never do). We pitched up in our local pub where some sort of generational chav-fest was going on and the smoke was so thick we had to leave immediately. Roll on the smoking ban! Heading on to a bar on one of the main roads instead we had a beer and then Q persuaded me to head down into Town where he was going to be meeting his mates. I agreed to go for 'one pint' as I was hardly dressed for the occasion so off we strolled down to The Ram (possibly the only actual boozer on Park Street) for a pint of Youngs. Yum yum.

5 pints later ( :( ) and Q was a bit wound up by his insensitive mate so we headed to a bar on the way home (I think this must've been about 1am? Maybe midnight) and by this point I think my friend and I were on our 30th text message of the night - plus I was getting some normal and one very strange text from Charby that turned out to be her male friends using her phone to go fishing for gossip. Several jugs of Grolsch later and I'm now playing wingman for Q who's got his eye on a couple of women. I wandered downstairs to wait for him while finishing my beer and may have, or more likely didn't, start chatting to some random woman at the bar. My memory is a bit hazy on this topic. Q appears and we start to leave only to have the way blocked by the last woman Q chatted to who'd hurled herself down the stairs after him. We had another drink while the ambulance arrived and my friend texted me that 'did Q have to push her down the stairs, she couldn't have been that bad?' I found this very funny.

Next thing I know I'm waiting outside for Q who's stopped to chat up someone in the bar, and seeing as I can't get back in (the queue was quite large) I started home before getting a call from Q who's gone a different way. Meeting at the burger van for re-fuelling, we wandered back when I started laughing at my friend's text and proceeded to chortle, giggle and guffaw all the way home (it was now nearly 5am and I was a teensy bit drunk).

Not far from the road where Q and I both live he wandered down someone's drive to put his chip papers in their wheelie bin and I nearly tripped over some guy fast asleep on their drive (but wearing all dark stuff and in the shadow of a car). I though he was dead. The conversation went like this;

Me: "Q! Q! I think this guy's dead!"

Q (from the other end of the drive): "What's wrong with him?"

Me (on the ball as usual): "Well" *pause* "I think he's dead for a start"

Q (coming back to have a look at him): "Well apart from the pulse and his breathing, you're right"

So we shook him awake because it was really cold that night and he could possibly have died if he'd slept there all night. Not saying a word, he staggered upright and wobbled towards the house on who's drive we were all standing. We asked him if he lived there, and he shook his head, put his hands either side of the front door and puked up a huge amount all over it. We left him to it.

In bed by 5:30am Sunday, got up at 5:30pm Sunday and cooked pirogi, watched some telly and texted my friend some more while chatting to my forum harem. Nice quiet day - and no, I didn't paint the hallway :(

The good news is that new lodger moves out a week on saturday while I'm in Dublin, and girl 1 has decided to move back in on the sunday! Yay!


At 20 October 2006 at 07:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girl 1 back in on Sunday? And thats the good news?!? She'll be using my car as a ramming target while parking again then? Think you should add my insurance excess to her rent payments.
Am running to Devon this weekend. Nights out with you end up with considerable of collateral damage and bodies strewn in our wake. And you report it here! Wasn't us, your honour.


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