13 October 2006

It's friday and I've not organised anything for tonight yet :(

Hopefully someone's going for a beer or two! I've fully determined to finish painting the hallway (walls) this weekend after the last 4 or 5 months laziness, plus I'm trying to shed some excess pounds I've built up through not doing any exercise since I came up here - so not getting wasted on saturday night will be a double bonus :)

What else has gone on? Hmmmmm. Angie is still off work with whiplash so I'm busy as ever, I've agreed to go over to dublin in a fortnight so am saving the pennies to pay for that by not drinking during the week, and England are rubbish at playing football.

I do have two works do's next week though - Wednesday in a curry house with the Oxford girls, Friday bowling with the London girls :)

And as part of my don't-get-drunk plan I've been going to the cinema a bit, so here follows Red Squirrel's guide to films what is on at de pictures....

Children of Men

I really enjoyed this film. Set in 2027 in a bleak world where society has nearly collapsed after all women became infertile in 2009. Britain is ruled by a totalitarian regime hell bent on removing all immigrants and enforcing a police state. Office worked Clive Owen is asked to help smuggle a pregnant illegal immigrant out of the uk to a research project trying to find out why everyone is infertile.

The set is brilliantly done and is very believable and the plot twists and turns all over the place. Owen doesn't come over all action hero and gives a credible performance as someone caught up in events. Quite what Julianne Moore is doing in it beyond appealing to the american audience though??? Anyway, thumbs up from me.

Clerks 2

If you liked the first Clerks you'll love this one. Not much that can be said without giving the plot away but it's crass and very, very funny. I find most film comedies to be chuckle-worthy at best but I was crying with laughter in places. Bit of an odd ending though :-/

The Departed

One of the better thrillers I've seen in recent years (apart from the cheesiest final shot ever). Nicholson is fantastic as the mob boss, Wahlberg didn't make me want to punch his lights out like normal, Di Caprio actually acted rather than simpered through a film and Maaaaaaat Daaaaaaaamon (copyright Team America) played himself. Again.

Add in Alec Baldwin (with some of the best lines in the film), Martin Sheen and Ray Winstone and it's a cast and a half. Best of all though is the plot, it moves quickly (includes a shagging scene to Comfortably Numb :) ), the dialogue is tight and there are very few plot holes.

I don't really remember much about the original (Infernal Affairs) but I came out thinking that I'd like to see it again - and it's a long time since I felt that about any film!


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