15 November 2006

Well I still have Pink, but I've agreed that if she doesn't settle in the next month (when one of the canadians comes back) then I'll allow her to go.

It's all very upsetting really :(

And I missed Steve's birthday because of it - sorry mate!

Other news - well I can't change my flights to Oz now as they're all booked up. Grrrrr. In fact, the earliest flight I could get back to England from Melbourne would be the 18th Jan. Damn tourists!

So just the 5 days over there then, but as I said to someone else - I'm likely to need a liver transplant by the time I get back anyway :)

And Kidney is in Melbourne which is great - I have a proper drinking partner for nighttimes :)

Sorry this is short but my head's a bit of a maelstorm at the moment. I think I'm going, but I could easily be coming instead ;)


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