03 October 2006

Well it's been a while, but I used to update this during the evening or at weekends because I'm too busy during the day - and now I'm too busy (or recovering) at weekends and don't have access at night. Hmmmm. So I'm going to be naughty and do no work for a bit :)

Weekends before last was great when Token came down for the Saturday night. I say night, he turned up at 2pm and we were in the pub by quarter past. Sushi at our favourite Budokan followed (including Token quaffing his usual flask of sake that he got a third extra because they ran out of flasks - so he just drank it from a half pint glass instead!) and then we hit the town. I say hit, more sort of staggered into. We ended up at a local bar where in the middle of a conversation to a lovely couple about sharks and South Africa I fell asleep halfway through a sentence. They woke me up when they left to say goodbye :)

In my defense, I was tired anyway. Honest.

We both slept in until about 3pm on the Sunday then it was back up to lovely Oxford on Monday morning for work. Stayed sober until Wednesday night when boss (freshly back from her car accident) bought me a thai meal on expenses - and turning down a singha was simply not going to happen! She's subsequently pulled a muscle in her back and will be off again indefinitely, so I'm back in sole charge and unfortunately for me, everything that's gone wrong so far this week has been things I haven't been able to fix. They're really getting their money's worth :)

Thursday night was Spurs' second leg of our european adventure against Slavia Prague where a nervy performance (apparently the league's started this season but that's not important right now) and a late goal put us through 2-0. We're now in the group stage and the draw is in about 45 minutes! I hope we get someone I can swing an away trip to.

This weekend I mainly slept and had my weekly conversations with a couple of forummers for many hours, and then on Sunday I went to Spurs to see them beat Portsmouth thanks to a blatant dive by our summer capture Didier Zokora. It was pretty embarrassing (though from the other end of the pitch looked a clear pen) but sod it, we needed the points and now we're mid-table I can start acknowledging that the league's started again. :)

I don't think anything else has happened. At least, nothing I'm willing to admit to ;)


At 4 October 2006 at 00:32, Blogger Flash said...

Bloody cheating git!
Still, when you need a win you'll take it anyway it comes, eh?
I know, I'm a Leeds fan for my sins.

At 4 October 2006 at 08:57, Blogger Red Squirrel said...

Hi Flash!

I lived in Leeds for two years and the amount of support you get will get you back in the prem as soon as you clear your debts. Sadly too many fans think you should be there this season and it could take 5 years to be solvent again!

At 4 October 2006 at 12:33, Blogger Charby said...

wow Flashys on tour!


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