08 November 2006

Someone tried to steal my cat! :(

I got a call on Monday night from a vet's not too far away from where I live to say that they'd found my cat who'd been living with a couple. They'd brought her in and the chip she had inserted showed up my address so they called. I arranged to go and pick her up on saturday (when I'm next back during their opening hours).

They called back later to say that the couple didn't want to give her back and that she was only in the vets to get her pet passport so that they could fly her to canada to go and live with them! The bastards!

Now Pink has always been a bit of a wanderer ever since I started my contract in Leeds in 2003, but she's always back every few weeks for a night and she and girl 1 got on really well earlier in the year (and I'd hoped would again now that girl 1 is back in the spare room).

So this has all come as a bit of a shock. I got the woman's phone number and spoke to her for over half an hour before she agreed I could pick her up on friday night after work. She all but accused me of mistreating Pink as she was scared when they found her and going through the bins. I fail to see how that's my fault. She always got food, love and attention at home whenever she turned up but you can't force a cat to do anything - and Floyd has happily stayed a house cat throughout this time.

So I'm going to get her back, but am resigned to probably having to give her up in the near future if she doesn't settle this time :(


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