24 October 2006

I'm sleeping more than I ever have at the moment - and mainly because I'm finally trying to break my diet coke addiction. In the last ten days I've had twelve cans, which for those that have worked with me will know is nothing short of a drastic reduction.

However, I'm either detoxing, lacking caffiene or both because I'm nodding off all day. Last night I finished work and went to bed at 6pm (though that was partly recovery from last weekend) :)

Last week I was busy at work every day, and apart from watching Spurs beat Besiktas away from home on thursday night - and a work's curry night on wednesday night - I did very little. The weekend I spent up near Middlesbrough visiting my uncle and sister (who'd flown over from Germany for the weekend). We had a good laugh and drank a few beers and toasted my gran - the house is now under offer so will be the final link cut - and had our usual early hours finish.

Sunday was spent shopping in wintry sunshine in the chav-mecca that is Middlesbrough (for some new clothes it was insisted I buy) before brunch and an early start to get back to Bristol (or Stansted in my sister's case). It started pissing it down after 20 minutes and did so all the way back. The M42 was shut with flooding, as were parts of the M5 so I had to go cross country. Five and a half bloody hours it took :(

My sister fared even worse as she was late for her flight, but then was reprieved when it was delayed. Then it was delayed again. Then again. Then cancelled. Thanks very much, no refund or offer of another flight. Don't let the door hit you on the arse as you leave the terminal.

So she had to get an early flight from Gatwick the next morning and then drive for nearly two hours to collect her car from the airport she flew from. Ryanair are cunts.

Which is great news because I'm flying Ryanair this weekend to Dublin (which being a 'home' route might be a bit better) to visit someone who brightens my day considerably but whom I'm not going to get carried away with until we've met.

I'll update on Monday (I intend to be hungover on Sunday) :)


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