09 June 2008

I spent Sunday running about in the sun, bruising my hands and dropping things.

Yes, I made my cricket debut. Briefly.

For some reason I was put in at no. 4 and was batting within 4 of the allotted 35 overs per side.

Ball 1: No Ball. Ran like the cops were after me anyway.
Ball 2: Defended.
Ball 3: Defended not very well near the shoulder of the bat.
Ball 4: Defended well on the front foot.
Ball 5: No Ball. Didn't run.
Ball 6: Bowled by an inswinging yorker.


KCCC (as we are) made 154 (I assumed scoreboard duties) in 27 overs and so we had tea. This is where cricket is so wonderfully civilised as the host team produced a spread of sandwiches and a tea urn in the middle of the field and we all chatted in the sun. A deeply pleasant experience.

On resumption of the game we bowled superbly (I saw 'we'. Not me, I can't bowl) and restricted them to 47-1 off 18 overs at drinks. At this point our brave strategy of two bowlers, seven batsmen and two clueless losers like myself suffered slightly as a young chap batting for them took a liking to our part-time off-spinner. Our fifth and not-even-part-time bowler equally suffered and it came down to 17 off 12 balls with two wickets in hand. At this point a fantastic over from man of the match Rob made it 14 needed off 6 balls with one wicket left - and suicidal running finished the innings 2 balls later.

KCCC won by 12 runs to tie for the league lead, I didn't drop an actual catch and they've asked me to play again. A fun day indeed :)

And thanks to everyone on here or on email who said that I shouldn't feel bad about turning the job down. I did so today, and while feeling nervous about it (the whole avoiding confrontation hang-up that still pops up now and then) it went okay. They still asked me to do extra work for them and I agreed - as extra money is rarely to be sniffed at.

I felt relieved at having done the right thing and happy with my decision.

Five minutes later I was summoned into the main boss' office. The boss I've never really spoken to before. Oh dear. It would've been funny yet tragic if I was going to get sacked five minutes after turning down the job.

Thankfully it was nothing of the sort and they've instead offered me a permanent job where I am! :-D

I really feel like a beer right now.......


At 9 June 2008 at 17:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a girl and I didn't understand any of that.

At 9 June 2008 at 19:02, Blogger Red Squirrel said...


At 9 June 2008 at 21:36, Blogger Gorilla Bananas said...

There's no shame in getting bowled by an inswinging yorker.

At 9 June 2008 at 22:00, Blogger Red Squirrel said...

Thank you GB - no shame whatsoever. I was chuffed to survive as many balls as I did. Next time I shall target a run, then maybe I can push for a place in the England middle order...

At 10 June 2008 at 11:55, Blogger Glamourpuss said...

I got the stuff about tea and sandwiches, and the stuff about the jobs (well done on both counts), but the rest might as well have been in Swahili.


At 10 June 2008 at 20:55, Blogger Red Squirrel said...

Puss - I'm sure someone understood it, and if not then it was educational *rolls eyes*

Oh, and thanks :)

At 11 June 2008 at 07:40, Blogger SG said...

hang on, d00d – 2 things (speshually when i revert to kinda sorta LOLCat tawk to, like, deflect). OK, here we go:

a) u akshually had teh temerity 2B a guest at mine, sat on MY sofa, tawked to my friends till fuck o'clock in the AM whilst being into teh dreaded much hated 'sports'?

bloody hell! had i known that shit, i would've NEVER let you inside, much less spoken to you.

nb: kidding about the 'never letting you inside/spoken to you' bits but really! i mean, /SPORTS/? how un-Alabama 3 (and how all-amerikan) can you get? yes, i know, Boudicca's into some famous team or whatever. big whoop; i kid her mercilessly on the phone quite often when she makes the mistake of bringing up the dreaded topic.

2. i believe i should feel somewhat insulted. but i don't cos ur such a nice person. but believe you me, i shall think twice b4 EVar permitting you entry to my hovel again.

*mutters to self* i cannot accept that someone like you is into sports, s.thing i've hated quite muchly ever since, i dunno when. 'before u were born' sums it up a bit, but only a bit. the wild thing is, i was good at them, the American schoolyard kind (was teh only chick on the baseball team; naturally not by choice but by force). but i digress.

i shall tell Rock Freebase on you. and then, YOU try to look him in the eye. i double, nay, i triple dare you to do that next time they play Bristol. naturally, ur invited over but pleeeh! do NOT bring that topic up under my roof.

*still muttering* i cannot believe i didn't get even a whiff of ur sports thingy. of all the moronic things. bah!

right, i've lost the plot again (where i am is so unclear, it ain't a misty morning memory, the road that took me here). NOT sorry for the A3 Tourettes. anyway, me losing the plot? nothing new AFAIC. right, 'sports'.

from what we've spoken about both in mails, the afterparty and at mine after the gig, i didn't even get a whiff of that element in ur personality. obviously i'm losing my touch, my sports-radar which displeases me more than i'm able to express.

nb: i'm perfectly aware ur other readers have already written me off as an ego-centric, self-absorbed attention-whore. please allow me to say, they're totally correct and naturally, you have my permission to fan the flames, if you will. just sayin'. *proudtard*

right, i love your 'arse'. the use of the word, i mean. akshually i forget what urs looks like but i'ze like nearly senile so please forgive me that. and if not? well, soz dude. soz for everything espeshually besmirching your comments page. *bops off muttering 'sports!' in a disgusted manner*

At 11 June 2008 at 09:44, Blogger Red Squirrel said...

SG - don't worry, all your american sports are rubbish.

And cricket is not so much a sport as an institution. Sandwiches and pork pies with a cup of tea *during the game*. That's not a sport, it's a running buffet.

At 12 June 2008 at 01:16, Blogger SG said...

yes red squirrel dude (love the name, BTW, totally forgot if you ever told me why; blame my senility) anyway...duh. i had s.thing to say, lost in the dust in my head. dust bunnies they call them in the States, i think they're when the dust accumulates to such an extent that they're like little ball-like objects.

whoa...WHAT in the HOLY HELL AM I TAWKIN' ABOUT? dust bunnies? WTF?

*frantically scrolls upwards* oh. 'sports' (pardon the expression). BTW, your comment to papercuts kills me, i'm LOL as we speak. type. WHATeverrrrrr.

was gonna say s.thing which naturally is gone w/the wind or something. oh yeah, i remember:

you're totally correct: ALL american sports are rubbish (please notice small 'a' which i reserve for those for whom i have no respect).

anyway, back to you, dude, once again your reply to papercuts is hilarious. so is 'running buffet' lol.


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