29 May 2008

Best laid plans of mice and men.....


On the one week when a contractor hears the blessed words 'we'll pay whatever overtime you can do'* I left work early to get to pottery on time.

It's half-term.



Having done a bit of overtime I left work earlyish to get to cricket nets (my first attempt at cricket for nearly 20 years - apparently I was a 'really good' batsman. Go me.)

It rained after 30 minutes and we had to give up.


And seeing as it's tipped it down for a few days now, I found myself singing a song by my second favourite live band (Lemon Jelly) on the way to work this morning. How very apt:

They're my second favourite live band because until you've seen and been one of 2000 people dancing like loons and singing 'All the ducks are swimming in the water, Fal-de-ral-de-ral-de' then you haven't lived.

And this one is a great video. If any band defines being 'English' it's them :)

*overtime for a contractor is rarer than a virgin in Cornwall. Obviously we're on a hefty hourly rate as it is so another day of working on top of the normal week makes you go giddy with financial bliss.


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