24 April 2008

I wanna feel like Barbarella,
but I'm just Planet Of The Apes*

Teachers are the bestestests people in the world. Because of some whinge about pay (blah blah, you've got a job for life - or at least until you don't keep your hands off the twelve year olds - in an area you chose to work in and you're complaining about a pay rise? A pay rise that's in line with inflation I may add. But no, 2.45% is not enough, they want 4.1% which will not in any way, shape or form INCREASE INFLATION for everyone. Oh no no no. From a personal perspective, anyone striking who doesn't understand this is too stupid or selfish to teach the next generation of adults - or maybe this explains the legions of teenage chavs out there. Er, sorry, got carried away there....**) they're striking today, which means the office is nearly empty as all the parents (which includes my bosses) are 'working from home'.

Bonus! A free day of surfing the tinterweb awaits :)

As an aside, don't women just look more attractive when it's sunny? Maybe they just have an inner glow or something that's triggered by sunlight. Whatever it is, it's making my walk past the university in the morning most enjoyable. There was this redhead today that - had I not sworn myself off teenagers for life after the stalker girl debacle - I could've walked behind all day. It was hypnotic.

*curses lack of cold shower at work*

*That song has been going round and round my head all day. I've no idea what it means, but it's an awesome lyric anyway :)
**Seriously though, I do understand the over-crowding in classrooms and the years of being underpaid but teachers have had above inflation pay rises for a few years now - and now is not the time to continue with this. If your household income had dropped in the last year such that you had to extend your overdraft to pay the bills then I think anyone sensible would look unfavourably on a demand from their kids for a nearly double inflation rate raise in their allowance. That's the macro-economic state we're in as a country, but sadly our wonderful me-me-me culture seems to extend to our biggest teachers union. Sad.


At 27 April 2008 at 21:53, Blogger weenie said...

I think you're right - women do look better in the summer. Think the inner glow that you're referring to is that they feel better inside and it shows on the outside too. I hate wearing winter clothes, can't wait for it to be warmer up here.


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