27 October 2007

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear girl 1, happy birthday to you!

Last night was girl 1's birthday party in Clifton which was great fun (even if Charby bottled out of popping in to see Floyd due to some poor excuse about meeting her 'boyfriend' or something ;-) ).

So Jol is finally gone, to be replaced by Ramos it seems. I'm unsure entirely how I feel - I mean, I liked the big dutchman but it was becoming clear that he wasn't quite up to the job. Yes, he took us to our highest finishes in the Premiership but he wasn't going to take us any further and frankly we've been woeful so far this season.

For me the final straw was the game on Monday when we went 3-1 down and he brought Lennon on to try and turn the game around. Only he played Lennon (a right winger) on the left wing and Tainio (a player who's played 90% of his games for us on the left of midfield) on the right wing. Both players were nullified entirely and the game drifted away from us completely.

So farewell Martin, all the best, but maybe our parting is not so bittersweet after all.

As for Ramos - well, we'll see. The jury is out on that one....

My holiday has been great fun. I've enjoyed days of peace and quiet, seen some lovely people and caught up (sadly only briefly) with some friends - some of whom I'd only previously talked to online. All in all, well worth the two and a half thousand miles I drove in a week :)

Of course, it would've helped if I'd bothered to find out where the Isle of Skye was before I set off, ha ha ha.

To paraphrase a truly great film:

It's 600 miles to Skye, I've got a full tank of diesel, half a pack of diet cokes, it's overcast and I'm wearing sunglasses.

Hit it!

I've decided to describe my trip via the medium of animated giffery. They take ages to do though, so it make take a while :-P

Here's day one of seven (it may take a while to load, sorry!):

(Should it not repeat for you, then simply click on the image and it will load in a new window)


At 29 October 2007 at 13:08, Blogger weenie said...

LOL at the gif - first laugh of the day (and yes, it's past 1pm so it's that kind of Monday!)

At 29 October 2007 at 22:34, Blogger Charby said...

haha! i love it!

I didnt bottle out of meeting floyd!

At 29 October 2007 at 23:17, Blogger Red Squirrel said...

Yes, you bottled out :-P


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