07 October 2007

I ought to post after a small gap. Or I could do work.

So a Bumper Weekend Post Of Sport it is :-P

First off, Spurs put in a great away performance at Liverpool only to be cruelly denied in injury time as Torres scored an equaliser to make it 2-2. His bottle-related injury can't come too soon. Robbie Keane scored both of ours and while I'd have happily taken a point pre-match, to drop 2 in injury time is a bit of a blow. Still, we're unbeaten in six :)

Keane perfects his anti-gravity device to score twice

At least it saves Weenie some money (for now) ;-P

Next up is England's frankly amazing victory over the big, ugly meanies from Oztraya. To be honest, we deserved to win too, despite being perfectly capable of losing to Bhutan only three weeks ago. The much vaunted Irish went out aaaaaaaaaaaages ago which is always amusing but really the most satisfying victory imaginable for English rugby fans (of which I'm no more than merely a late bandwagon jumper - can't be bothered most of the time) is over the aussies. It doesn't happen often, so we have to enjoy them when it does!

Jonny helpfully points out which way we're playing to the rest of the team

As a bonus NZ got knocked out by France meaning we don't have to play the best team in the world in the semi-final. A good natured ribbing was handed out to kiwigirl which ended up with an invite to London for a weekend soon. Result!

An All Black (All Grey?) looks on wistfully as his boyfriend is stolen by another man

Switching sports, England had a chance at winning the F1 driver's championship via Lewis Hamilton in China this morning but as usual we didn't. Lewis was in the lead and practically cruising to the championship but inexplicably mistook a gravel trap for his pit and was out, making the final race in two weeks time into a three-way tussle for the crown between Lewis, Alonso and Raikkonen.

Lewis Hamilton frantically checks his highway code, but has to concede that 'P' means Car Park and not Pit

In motorcycling however, James Toseland captured the World Superbike Crown to become the first Brit to win it for, oooooh, ages. Possibly ever. I don't really follow it either, but here's a picture anyway.

Toseland wins the World Superbike despite being born with his right hand attached to the side of his head

And finally to cricket, where after 25 years of failing to win a ODI in Sri Lanka, we've now won two in a row to go 2-1 up in the series with two to play. After bowling Sri Lanka out for 164-8 in less than 42 overs, we were set 164 in 48 overs after a bit of rain. The pitch turned out to be a bit of nightmare for the batsmen and England struggled to 140-8 with no recognised batsmen left. Chris Broad steered us home with 7 balls to spare for a hard-fought victory.

Ryan Sidebottom auditions for a part in Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

Uncanny, isn't it?

Apart from that, I have a bit of a flu-type bug which is a bugger and have a busy week ahead of me. Being sober should help :)

Oh, and one last pic - where do people who read my blog come from. The last 200 visitors are broken down thus (and not much of a surprise!):


At 8 October 2007 at 16:20, Blogger weenie said...

Unbeaten in six yet Jol's still in the firing line :-S!

At 8 October 2007 at 18:47, Blogger Red Squirrel said...

Unbeaten in six, yet only won one :P

At 8 October 2007 at 19:42, Blogger weenie said...

lol! If I'd stolen the pic from your blog, I would have credited you with link! ;-p

Auntie's licence goes a long way these days, hehe!


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