14 October 2007

England are in the world cup final! :-D

I certainly wasn't expecting that, ha ha. We (GGTW, my friend Normy and I) watched the game with a french friend of GGTW who accepted defeat with good grace. The game itself was pretty dull, but the last ten minutes were very exciting!

Plus I got chatting to a couple of young women watching the game. Or rather one of them was rubbing up against me for a while and after I steadfastly ignored them to watch the game one of them started talking to me. They were stunning and I think were unused to any man not leching on them. We chatted for a bit while the first half finished, then they went to get a drink at half time and returned to stand directly in front of us and carry on the banter. I think my laughing at the drunken guys around them trying it on put me in their good books. It's amazing how unsubtle some men are, ha ha.

When Jonny put over his drop goal to seal the game it was high fives all round and a quick kiss from the English one and begrudging handshake from the Welsh one who was supporting France all night. They then left after another kiss and telling me which club to meet them in later. I got a lot of jealous looks from the nearby guys - I mean these girls were Premiership quality. Holly (who I didn't get to have a drink with last Wednesday because everyone cancelled at the last minute) is League One quality to my Unibond Premier League looks, but these two were just out of my league. Getting a kiss from someone like that doesn't happen to me very often.

After a few more drinks elsewhere Normy and I decided to go clubbing and meet the girls but while queuing for some cigarettes for him I saw them jump in a taxi and head into town, the other way from the club they said they'd be in. I was momentarily :(

We went for another drink in a mexican bar instead but as they kicked us out when it shut we got asked to go to the same nightclub by another bunch of women and wanting a drink we agreed. I don't really like nightclubs but Normy and I wanted another beer so we headed in and queued at the bar for about 20 minutes (it was heaving). Normy was at the bar ahead of me and I turned round to see the two girls from earlier standing right behind me - it turned out the other club wasn't very good so they'd come all the way back to find me and tell me they were going to a third place which we couldn't get into because it was guest list only (not that we'd have gone, it had been a long day already and I could sense Normy was flagging). I got another kiss off both of them and they left. I never even got their names!

An interesting night :)

And we won the rugby, apparently....


At 15 October 2007 at 11:42, Blogger weenie said...

Get you, getting more kisses than a kissogram!

Unibond Premier League looks

Gosh, I'd better make sure I scrub up well before you meet me....

At 15 October 2007 at 13:39, Blogger Red Squirrel said...

Well, probably more Unibond League 2 if I'm honest....


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