19 September 2006

Well there's a coup in Thailand in the offing, Iran's about to be censured by the UN and - most importantly - the Ryder Cup starts on friday! :)

All that, and seffrican S is coming down for the weekend. Or at least he was, last time I heard, and he'd better let me know if he's not (just in case he's reading this)....

Finally got an email off foriegn girl 1 in Korea who'll be over in Europe in April - yay! And may possibly be drinking heavily with internet girl 1 next weekend before spurs play portsmouth (we're not talking about football this season yet, maybe when we win a game or too), then again might not. Depends how I feel ;)

Work is still a pain in the arse (done a ten hour day already and am still here :( ) but lovely Frances from the London office is up all of tomorrow to help me with the main project I've got on at the moment - and hopefully I can get to London sometime next week to have the curry I've been promised by the lovely Sue. It's quite nice working in an office full of women (even if they're all taken) - beats spending all week with a bunch of geeks :)

Sod it, can't be arsed to work anymore. Food and bedtime it is.


At 20 September 2006 at 10:34, Anonymous token said...

Look dude, I left my mobile down in London on Sunday and it arrived on my desk this morning via Special Delivery which is why I have been incommunicado. I know that I put the 'phone in my pocket - I checked twice!
It's the drunken pixies that did this to me and I truly believe that if we drink the entire world’s supply of alcohol it will prevent such wicked tricks being played on folk.

At 20 September 2006 at 21:35, Anonymous the stealth said...

So people are getting named now? Better clean up my act :-)

At 21 September 2006 at 09:48, Blogger Red Squirrel said...

Only people who would never find this to read are being named :)

Otherwise I'd start running out of letters!

Token - we shall try our best to drink the world dry this weekend.


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