27 June 2006

Worst. Weekend. Ever.

Got almost no sleep on friday night (after people in flat downstairs started a karoake session about 1am. They stopped at half one after I gave up being reasonable and went downstairs to complain.) It was further compounded by their cat coming into the flat to eat fat cat's food from 4am, and then every twenty minutes until 6am when the nuclear solution to fighting cats (the plant spray) was finally introduced. I got the following wounds trying to remove the cat:

And those are just half of them. It looks like I've been self-harming!

Anyway, saturday was spent visiting my gran in hospital and then getting back just in time for the germany match (boo) and then watched the argie match (which was a cracker). Early night, then up again at 7 to visit my gran again. I was clearly coming down with something evil and returned home determined to curl up on the sofa and watch the england match (having passed up a footie barbecue due to feeling so shite). It was not to be.

Vandals cut the main cable line in Bristol which downed all telly services - and seeing as we're not allowed satellite dishes in this area and the aerial is not connected - I had to drag myself into the local pub with the flat downstairs (who were also having a barbecue and had quite a few people round) to see the game. Sadly it was boring, but we won, so I don't care!

Telly still wasn't fixed by the evening so I had to go back to the pub again for the Portugal v Holland match (and I was on my own in the pub). I'm glad I did, despite feeling terrible, because the ref lost it and booked 16 players and sent off 4. It was one of the funnier world cup matches. We play Portugal on saturday and they've two of their best midfielders suspended. Fingers crossed etc.

I then slept all of yesterday, surfacing in time to see the swiss game (and wishing that I hadn't bothered) and then slept until midday today. I'm going back to bed in a minute - three hours awake has sapped my energy and I'm finding breathing quite hard (I think I have the chest infection my gran is dying from - still no resolution either way there, but she hasn't eaten for ten days now which isn't a good sign).

I think I'll wake up for lost and the world cup highlights and then go back to bed. Being ill is shite.


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