29 June 2006

Feeling slightly better today, though I could use a bit of gainful employment at the moment. My half-hearted attempts today have revealed a contract going in central london (yuck, yuck, yuck!) which I may be forced to go for - this company in swindon have really let me down. Grrrrr....

So, bugger it. If I have to go I'll rent out the room again - it ought to focus the mind to finishing the painting at least... :)

I need a hawaiian shirt for an old uni mate's 30th on saturday in london. I've been looking everywhere but I'm such a rubbish clothes shopper that I've failed dismally! If I have any spare time tomorrow morning before granny-visiting again then I may have to buy one new. How embarrassing is that going to be? I have no taste at the best of times, let alone deliberately choosing something hideous! :)


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