28 September 2007

That gig was very, very cool. I'm almost recovered :)

None of my photos came out though, but I'm hoping one of the others may send me any good ones of their's (even if a certain person just took pictures of Devlin Love all night :-P ).

Another week has slipped by and very little work has been done (though fate is conspiring against me - on the one night this week when I went to bed early, sober and enthused with doing work the next day it happened to coincide with the new students having a loud party in their back garden until 6am meaning I got no sleep at all and couldn't concentrate. Fair enough have a house warming party, but not at 6am on a Wednesday morning in your back garden with pumping music in a street where only 10% of the residents are students. Wankers.)

So a big night out tonight with some of the Bristol lot from f365 where I hope to drum up enough support to start a 5-a-side team in one of the leagues (I need to do some exercise sharpish), then recovery, then Sunday it's time to see Alabama 3 again :)

I shall make it my mission to get Devlin Love on video saying 'Hello *unamed person reading this*' ;-)


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