01 August 2006


So after working most of the week it was Amsterdam from Thursday night until the early hours of Sunday, and then straight back here to mong at work and hate life.

Cat 1 is mega-pissed off at me for leaving him on his own for two weeks (even if people are feeding him every other day) and I can't see an end to it either as I won't be able to advertise the room until Saturday at the earliest so it'll be the weekend of the 12th before I agree a flatmate, and probably a week or so more until they move in. I do believe the phrase is bugger, tits, and wank.

And I drank faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr too much this weekend (around the 20 pint mark on Friday) and am in the middle of my booze come-down. Oh, and everything at work is broken again. :)

In fact, I need more sleep.

Several fantastically funny stories over the weekend that I can't share because it was a stag-do and thems the rules, but a highlight was the generally accepted theory that the XXX symbol for Amsterdam is why we use it in England to mean 'porn' or 'adult' because we associate Amsterdam with sex shows. I've no idea if that's true or not, but we convinced several dozen people of this over the weekend. Mainly americans, it must be said! :)


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