10 July 2006

Telewest - suppliers of dodgy equipment and services, or misunderstood geniuses?

Either way, my cable modem is now up and running at full speed again after tech support helpfully identified that it had been switched to a different frequency "possibly by the big thunderstorm recently". Hmmmmmm......

It's a shame the Matrix wasn't run by Telewest. EMP? Nah, just switch on the microwave - that ought to knock the bastards out....

Anyway, car is now officially for sale on t'interweb and in local paper form. In hindsight (in this case hindsight refers to something I did twenty minutes ago) it's pretty bad timing as I'll be on site at the glade festival from Wednesday night until Monday afternoon and last time it was for sale (when I was at Glastonbury) was when I got all the calls. I'll never learn!

And tomorrow I have an interview near Oxford. The technical interview I should've had last week was delayed until Thursday, then Friday, then today. I've given up due to the over-powering smell of bullshit. I hate pimps! I also went for an opportunity in London (but for a Bristol based company so a potential great contact) via a pimp I'd used before, who now - funnily enough - is never in the office when I chase it up. Grrrrrrr.

However at 3 I saw a job ad online, applied at 4, got a call at 4:30, got an interview confirmed at 5 and received 8 workflow analyses to study before my interview tomorrow afternoon. I don't think I've ever had one move that quickly before! :)

I'm not sure I'm qualified to do what the spec says, but my CV matches it (in CV speak, rather than in the real world). So if their Job spec is also in CV speak then I'm a-ok, but if they really want someone that good for the wages they're offering?!? Good luck, crackheads! :)

World Cup final was interesting in the first half, boring in the second, funny in extra time with the head-butt and inevitable with the penalties. Roll on the premiership....

And unfortunately Rupes and Gayle are not coming to visit tomorrow after all as plans have changed, and instead just Rupes is coming over next Tuesday as Gayle will have gone back to Hong Kong. If I'd realised I'd've gone to meet them on Saturday after all... :(

I'd better go finish some work for the festival rotas (shift leader, me!) and study these rather baffling workflow diagrams. VRC, PCo, BDM, RCC? Anyone? Help!


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