04 July 2006

An odd day, but not a bad day! :)

Got up nice and early to prepare a little bit for the technical interview I was due to have today and while I was waiting I thought I'd do a bit of paperwork I had pending, such as invoicing for work done etc. Then I realised I was a couple of days late with my VAT return so did that, then found my accounts in the post (because I'd, *cough* *cough*, forgotten to publish company accounts since 2003) so signed everything I needed to and posted them back to the accountants, then sorted out my tax disc finally, then chased up some outstanding work.

And then I heard that the interview had been postponed until Thursday. Damn!

I'm not a huge fan of technical interviews because there's always a point when I have to admit that I don't know something, and that doesn't sit very well with me... :)

So instead I started work on the ultra-secret Project Milk Jug. Project Milk Jug is so ultra-secret that it's name is not, in fact, Project Milk Jug at all. It's real name is also ultra-secret. Yes indeedy....

Random Memory #2:

While in Amsterdam with my old university crew several years ago I behaved myself impeccably. Mainly, admittedly, because I was recovering from food poisoning and didn't feel up to much beyond a beer with the couple who'd come along with us. The others had either gone to a coffee shop and got off their collective faces, or had gone to see a sex show and shag prostitutes.

Apparently while one of them (the one who'd organised the whole trip at a bargain price on Le Shuttle and cheap hotel rooms through some tokens in the Times) was going at it doggy-style, the prostitute started to get up. When Mr.X (my life's not worth it!) asked why, she replied "Oh sorry, I thought you'd finished." He he he.

Later that night we, the relatively sober ones, returned to the hotel to hear this story being retold. Now if that had been me, that story would've been buried there and then, but some people..... Halfway through the re-telling the stoners returned to the hotel too and we got to hear the immortal line "You shagged a prostitute!?! Give me your mini-bar or I'm telling your Mum!" More he he he.

The best was yet to come though as we all met for breakfast the next morning in the hotel restaurant before heading back to England. Mr. X proceeded to tell the entire story (some details will remain hidden for now) to the whole table in quite a loud voice, blissfully unaware that every single person in the restaurant was english and has come on the same deal that we had, kids and all. I bet some parents had to explain quite a few words that day... :) :) :)

Happy days!


At 4 July 2006 at 23:08, Blogger Charby said...

i love that line!

Gimmie the minibar or i'll telling your mum lolllollloll


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