22 January 2008


Well my boiler is fixed (yay!) and my front door is (eventually - at the 3rd attempt) fixed (double yay!)

I even received a phone call about the job. It seems that out of the six people interviewed I'm the best - as if that was ever in doubt seeing as I'm fantabulous? *rolls eyes* - but they want to see some more CVs before making their mind up so could be a week or two yet. Not exactly great news.

I also heard from my people in Oxford who have gone with someone else for the new piece of work as they already maintain all the infrastructure. The fact that they only do so because I brought them in doesn't appear to have stopped them bidding and winning work against me. Hmmmm. All's fair in love, war and business it seems.....

I'm still undecided if this is a good or a bad week. The outcome of this evening's semi-final 2nd leg game at Spurs may be the tie-breaker.


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