17 September 2007

Soooooo, tonight. Tonight was, well, pretty fantastic really.

Well, fantastic in some regards anyway :)

Fantastic in that we (GGTW and I) went to our local 'bar with lots of black and white photos to make it look bohemian and old even though we knew this place was a hairdressers two years ago' spot.

And they had a new barmaid, and she was visible from a long, long way away :)

And she had the most fantabulous pair of tits you have seen on someone with her build. Kinda like these:

Kinda, but much nicer. She was really cute too :)

She did, however, on mild questioning turn out to not be 24 like I thought but just about to start her first year at University. That was mildy disappointing *rolls eyes*

There's going to be some lucky guys at Sheffield University drowning in cleavage heaven this term :-P

So apart from flirting with Amy all night there was also a lovely woman there called Kate wearing the most beautiful silk dress you've ever seen, and the fact she was stunning, sitting opposite me and kept riding it up so all I could see was thighs had absolutely nothing to do with how fantatsic my evening was. Oh no *shakes head*

Today has been good *nods vigorously*


At 18 September 2007 at 10:54, Anonymous token said...

Just because you're out on a school night it doesn't give you the right to look at students...

p.s. more photos please.


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