05 September 2007

Happier post :)

Well we (I) saw (didn't see) something special today. Dimi Mascarenhas smacked the last five balls of the England innings for 6 to end up the highest scoring englishman in a single over in one-day cricket. In fact, his career to date contains one four and ten sixes. We like this guy :)

England still lost of course, we'd expect nothing less.

I didn't see it because my humungous TV is broken :(

So broken it will be ten days before it's fixed (next Monday). Evenings have been civilised and kinda boring.

And maybe it's rat breeding season but Floyd has brought home 4 in the last fortnight. One of which was live and is no longer is such a vibrant state under the floor boards somewhere. All available holes have been taped up so the smell doesn't get too rank. Yuck.

Here's his latest addition to the rat paradise of The Wheelie Bin Heaven

SuperRat is a bit fat frankly.


At 6 September 2007 at 12:01, Blogger Charby said...

Wow. Can I employ Floyd to come catch some of our rats?

Just caught up on everything. Hope it all comes right in the end. I'm always on the end of the phone or even a keyboard if you wanna talk!!


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