04 September 2006

Okay, what have I done recently?

Well last Tuesday I got an invite out of the blue from Sue (who works in the London office and whom I'd gone for dinner with the previous week) to go and see a band called The Vines in Kentish Town. I went down after work and almost missed the gig because of the bloody tube! They were alright, but a bit loud - it took three songs for my ears to adjust enough to distinguish notes :)

It was very convenient as well because I had to be in London for a budget meeting with the board at 8:30am the next day and it was so much easier going to work on the tube than driving down the M40 :)

The rest of the week was mental as the other IT person (who'd been on holiday for a week so lots of stuff had been put off until she was back) was off sick. This job is a full-time position just fire-fighting the current systems so there's little time to do the other projects I need to do. And then last night I got a call from her saying she'd just left hospital after a serious car accident and may be signed off for a month. Bugger, tits and wank. Luckily she's okay apart from a bit of whiplash but it doesn't half make my life interesting until she's back!

Weekend was great fun. Met my new flatmate again and she does seem quite cool. Met up with all the boys for a few games of pool on saturday and sunday, fixed lots of wireless networks (I'm going to stop admitting to what I do for a living) and went to a wedding reception on saturday night at a lebanese restaurant in Bristol - and the food was so good I'm going back again as soon as I can find someone to go with :)


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