08 August 2006

I've absolutely no idea what's going on at the moment in my life and have become very reactive to events rather than planning round them. I'm hoping this weekend will allow me to get back on top of things, ease some short-term financial concerns, catch up with everyone I've missed recently and - most importantly - organise a flatmate to look after fatso catso as he's really not happy about being on his own during the week!

So not a huge amount to report so far this week! :)

Random memoory #3 (or is it #4, my memory isn't what it used to be :) ):

At university our first year group of, well, misfits I guess included a great guy from Mauritius called Nadareemapeta.... (and on it went, I can't remember what his full name was but it ran to three quarters of the alphabet) which we shortened, for obvious reasons, to Nad.

Often that summer term we'd all go up to the playing fields above the hall we all stayed at and have a bit of a kick-around. It gives you some idea how bad the other guys were that I was the best player of the nine, so I was always on the side of 4 against 5. Nad was a good player but with little vision so as team captain I used to encourage him forward on his runs with loud cries of "Go Nad! Go Nad!"

I was doing this for 2 months before anyone bothered to tell me! :) Thankfully it was a word he didn't understand!


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