08 December 2007

Do you trust people on the internet?

I only ask because I added chocolate to my chilli tonight at someone's recommendation. I wasn't sure if it was a wind-up or not but I purchased high cocoa content plain chocolate (Green & Black's for those chocolate affectionados out there - I don't eat sugar myself as a rule, I value my teeth and no fillings after 33 years proves my point frankly) and added a few cubes.

My word, it really does makes a difference. In a good way too.

It's not often I accept any addition to my chilli recipe which over the years has accounted for several victims foolish enough to take on my iron-plated taste buds, but in this case it gets my seal of approval :)

I do remember my days of ten pints and a Madras every night with an old colleague (when, surprisingly we were both single). The only down side was the Saganaki the next day (because it's like an upside nuclear explosion, rofl)


At 10 December 2007 at 19:35, Blogger weenie said...

My family are big Green & Black fans and you can get version with chilli in them I believe. Me, I'm all chocolated out for this year, am vowing not to touch any more til the new year and that will be too soon! I don't have a sweet tooth but unlike you, have a load of fillings! :(

At 11 December 2007 at 09:47, Anonymous token said...

Last year I received a present of dried mango slices dipped in white chocolate laced with chilli and lime. Not too shabby.


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