29 August 2007

Well we did indeed lose to Manure on Sunday but we were pretty unlucky really, having as many good chances as they did. Plus if the roles had been reversed then there's no doubt they'd've have got that penalty. Grrrrr....

It's been a slow week work-wise, so I've taken to avoiding work by watching the athletics from Osaka. It's just a shame all the brits got knocked out at the weekend :)

High jumpers are all a bit freaky looking aren't they?

*sigh* I'd best get back to work :(

This week Red Squirrel recommends:

The film Sunshine
The beer San Miguel
The TV Programme Flight Of The Conchords
The book The Game
The pizza Hawaiian
The fish Salmon
The crisp Prawn Cocktail
and the heptathlete Jessica Ennis ;)


At 29 August 2007 at 22:23, Blogger weenie said...

Ooh - Prawn Cocktail, my favourite crisp flavour! Walkers only, mind!


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