19 July 2007

Sorry RS!
I have been either busy at work or away for the last couple of days so I have obviously not been here!
Lets play a get to know you game!

I'll tell you how I met RS if you guys, loyal readers all do the same!


Basically we're both internet geeks!
And met over a football forum!
I think it was post a pic of your cat or pet thread, that he started, when he posted a pic of the lovely Floyd!
And we got talking and then msn, and then he gave me a link to here and I showed him my blog and then we decided to meet for the first england game of the last World Cup, and then watched the other game (sweden?) in some pubs near me and had a few drinks, and I think I frightened him by describing the Cunt Scotty Parker loudly as a "FAAAAAAARRRRKKKKING CCAAAAAANNNNTTT"

So thats the tale of how I met our Squirrely hero! Now its your turn!



At 20 July 2007 at 04:57, Blogger Red Squirrel said...

Wasn't meant as a slight token - you two being down was the highlight by miles. Just add in the cost of providing catering for 400 people for three days when they then go bankrupt and don't pay and see where I am.

I'm currently finishing the overnight shift (it's 6am) in a field at Glade using my phone as a modem before I start helping out with breakfast as one of our chefs passed out tonight.

I'm averaging 3 hours a night sleep, and we only have ten days to go, then another ten days in August.

It has it's plus points. Knifey Spoony as a family is born, great bunch of guys (mainly girls oi! oi!) working and a good atmosphere. I hope we don't lose several thousand pounds here too :(

At 22 July 2007 at 21:57, Blogger weenie said...

Gosh you must be knackered, RS! I'll save the 'North vs South' banter for another time then!


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