14 May 2007

It's my last week at work! At for once I got here in the morning :)

So woot woot - work hard and I can finish early on Friday and have a nice long weekend.

Or, um, not - we've had verbal agreement to do the WOMAD festival! Go us! This weekend will be mainly spent planning the logistics and assigning tasks, something that may become even more important as we'll find out today or tomorrow whether we also have the Glade and Glastonbury festivals too :-O

I could be a very busy bunny indeed.

Plus it looks like we're finally moving on the ice cream and hope to have a unit in a shopping centre in Bristol within the next few weeks.

Just as well that I'm going to be working from home for a few months as of next Monday! :)

In the meantime I have company formation, VAT Registration, Bank Account and Trade Mark applications and Food Trading certificate to apply for. It's better than being bored I guess.

And Spurs made it into 5th for the second year running and qualified for the UEFA Cup again. Hopefully we can sign a decent left-winger for once (NOT STEWART DOWNING!) and possibly a 4th striker to replace our Fat Egyptian Mido. I'm hearing rumours of us agreeing a fee for Darren Bent already, something I'd be pretty happy with, but it would be likely that Defoe would leave in that case....

Hmmm. 2007 is looking up already! ;-)


At 15 May 2007 at 00:45, Blogger Charby said...

you cant have Benty!!!!


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