29 December 2006

Well, the cricket was good wasn't it? Losing in three days when I didn't have tickets for the first day - great!

Still, got to see a lot of wickets yesterday :)

The MCG is huge, like absolutely fucking massive. The first day there we were up with the gods but the second we were about 12 rows from the front - not too far from the Barmy Army (who were nothing but a credit to the England team all test). Here's the view from our seat on the second day:

The weather has been random. It drizzled and was quite cold on Boxing Day (I was in a bar drinking at 11am :) ) so we stayed indoors and watched the game until 6pm, then went for food and drank until I crashed early at 9pm. The second day was cricket all day, beers all day, no sun (yet I still got badly sunburnt :( ) and then I nipped back for 30 mins kip after the game with the intention of catching up with them afterwards but fell deeply asleep and missed them meeting Brian Lara in a bar - grrrrrrrrrrr.

Yesterday was much sunnier and we were in a much better spot. Here's a pic (sideways because I can't rotate them on this machine - amended 01/01/07) of Glenn McGrath fielding right in front of us!

Last night I stuck it out until midnight (we went to the casino) but drew the line at going to Melbourne's best gay club (co-incidentally a stone throw's from the apartment Rupes booked us :-/ ) as I was shattered and needed more sleep. They've all gone on a wine-tasting tour today and I'm meeting up with Kidney for a few beers and see a few sights before we have a heavy one tonight I think. Then it's only one more day before I fly back :(

It's been brief but fun so far. Kinda like the cricket :)

Here's one last pic of us yesterday. I'm looking puzzled, pale and sunburnt at the same time. Classy :)

Altogether now (to the tune of 'You are my sunshine'):

We are the army, the barmy army
We are mental, and we are mad
We are the loyalist, cricket supporters
That the world has ever had

A whole hour we all (several thousand of us) kept that up for at the end of the match :)


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