09 August 2007

I'm really struggling with this work thing. Why did I used to do it? It makes my head hurt :(

On a lighter note, this guy is very funny indeed :)

God Bless Atheism:


The Trouble With Islam:


What about the Jews?:


Plus it fits in happily with my belief that religion causes more problems than it solves :)

Um, yeah, I did avoid quite a bit of work today! Ha ha. But then I did get woken up too early by Floyd, fast asleep, with what sounded like the hiccups. Weirdest sound ever :-S

I didn't know cats could get the hiccups. Anyone know if they can?

And England are getting raped in the cricket again. Grrrrr. Just in time for me to go see my one day of international cricket this 'summer' (the Leeds ODI in a few weeks)


At 11 August 2007 at 15:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think I might swap my support from Newcastle to Sunderland. In honour of my late Aunt Marion who used to support them of course, no reference to any game of football played today...


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